IPC 2013 : G08 : SIGNALLING.

IPC2013 > G > G08[c] > SIGNALLING.
Notes[t] G01 - G12: INSTRUMENTS
G08B SIGNALLING OR CALLING SYSTEMS; ORDER TELEGRAPHS; ALARM SYSTEMS (signalling arrangements on vehicles B60Q, B62D 41/00; railway signalling systems or devices B61L; on cycles B62J 3/00, B62J 6/00; safes or strong-rooms with alarm devices E05G; signalling or alarm devices in mines E21F 17/18; sensitive measuring elements, see the appropriate subclasses of G01; traffic control systems G08G; visual indicating means G09; sound-producing devices G10; radio or near-field calling systems H04B 5/00, H04B 7/00;   loudspeakers, microphones, gramophone pick-ups or like acoustic electromechanical transducers H04R).
Notes[n] G08B:
  • This subclass covers also means for identifying or incapacitating burglars or the like.
  • This subclass does not cover :
    • the mere provision of an audible or visible signalling device on measuring or switching apparatus;
    • alarm systems for indicating that a specific variable has exceeded, or fallen below, a predetermined value, which are covered by the relevant subclasses of class G01 for the measurement of that variable.
    • alarms for specific processes or types of machines or apparatus, which are covered by the relevant subclasses for the processes, machines, or apparatus.
  • In this subclass, the following term is used with the meaning indicated:
    • "systems" may cover also devices peculiar thereto.
G08C TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS FOR MEASURED VALUES, CONTROL OR SIMILAR SIGNALS (fluid pressure transmission systems F15B;  mechanical means for transferring the output of a sensing member into a different variable G01D 5/00;  mechanical control systems G05G).
G08G TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEMS (guiding railway traffic, ensuring the safety of railway traffic B61L; radar or analogous systems, sonar systems or lidar systems specially adapted for traffic control G01S 13/91, G01S 15/88, G01S 17/88; radar or analogous systems, sonar systems or lidar systems specially adapted for anti-collision purposes G01S 13/93, G01S 15/93, G01S 17/93; control of position, course, altitude or attitude of land, water, air or space vehicles, not being specific to a traffic environment G05D 1/00).
Notes[n] G08G:
  • This subclass covers :
    • identification of traffic offenders;
    • indicating the position of vehicles for traffic control purposes;
    • navigation systems for traffic control purposes, i.e. systems in which the navigation is not performed autonomously by or in the vehicles, but where the vehicles are guided by instructions transmitted to them;
    • indication of free spaces in parking areas.