Notes[t] F41 - F42: WEAPONS; BLASTING
Notes[n] F42:
  • This class covers also means for practice or training which may have aspects of simulation, although simulators are generally covered by class G09 .
  • In this class, the following terms or expressions are used with the meanings indicated:
    • "primer" effects the first explosive step in the sequence of explosion;  
    • "percussion cap" means a primer which is struck to explode;  
    • "igniter" effects the first spark-producing or heat-producing step but may not be explosive;  
    • "firing-means" or "initiator" (used respectively in the arts of weaponry and blasting) means a device acting directly on the primer, which device may or may not form part of the fuze;  
    • "detonator" or "detonator charge" means a charge used to amplify the explosion of the primer;  
    • "fuze" means an assembly or mechanism which incorporates safety and arming means in order that the explosion can only take place under certain conditions; this assembly or mechanism determines also the moment (instantaneous or delayed) or the manner, e.g. impact, proximity, hydrostatic pressure, of the firing;  
    • "ammunition" covers propulsive charge and projectile whether or not forming a single body, unless otherwise made clear;  
    • "projectile", "missile" or "projectile or missile" means any body which is projected or propelled;  
    • "guided missile" means projectile or missile which is guided during at least part of its trajectory;  
    • "rocket" means projectile or missile which is self-propelled, during at least part of its trajectory, by a rocket engine, i.e. by a jet-propulsion engine carrying both fuel and oxidant therefor;  
    • "fuse" or "fuse cord" means a continuous train of explosive enclosed in a usually flexible cord or cable for setting-off an explosive charge in the art of blasting.  
F42B EXPLOSIVE CHARGES, e.g. FOR BLASTING; FIREWORKS; AMMUNITION (explosive compositions C06B; fuzes F42C; blasting F42D).
F42C AMMUNITION FUZES (blasting cartridge initiators F42B 3/10; chemical aspects C06C ); ARMING OR SAFETY MEANS THEREFOR (filling fuzes F42B 33/02; fitting or extracting primers in or from fuzes F42B 33/04; containers for fuzes F42B 39/30).
F42D BLASTING (fuses, e.g. fuse cords, C06C 5/00; blasting cartridges F42B 3/00).